Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Derek liked about Menswear F2011

After discussing what our 'fashion blog' would entail and much soul searching my own part, my co-bloggers and I came up with something along the lines of this: I'm not a kid anymore and I'm growing up, I don't really have any money, so what do I turn to for sartorial inspiration, how do create my image on a budget, and how am I going to present myself to the world in a way that doesn't say 'I just got out of college look at my University of Virginia hoody'?

The creative director of Acne took the words right out of my mouth:
"It's the way they dress," Johansson said of his clientele. "It's that moment when you're not grown up and at the same time, not a kid."

With that being said, here's what I liked from the F2011 Menswear collections (It's mainly about coats):

Roberto Cavalli: These oversized knits are draped so well on the body and have excellent shape. That port-colored double breasted suit is accented so nicely with the silk scarf. I'm definitely into a well tailored suit.

Dior Homme: These hats and how they obscure identity via shadow. I don't care how Amish they may seem, they feel very crisp and smart. Also, Dior Homme's masculinization of the cape is wonderful, I think it's about time men had a different silhouette then a suit jacket or overcoat.

Burberry Prorsum: An entire line of finely executed coats. I like the coherence that comes along with the brightness of Burberry's color palette. The proportions of most of their coats in this line are inventive, the orange coat in particular gives that skinny model a presence that maybe a blazer or peacoat wouldn't. The third model's outfit is a very pleasant rendition of WWII aviator attire, and the grey-green pants are cut so well. Also I was impressed with this lines bags.

Acne: I believe this might be the simplest yet most elegant execution of a look in the entire season. Tan is a good color, it goes with almost everything.

Balmain: The toggle coat, it appears in various collections this season. It's all very Tom Sawyeresque.

Kris Van Assche: Much like the Women's S/S Collection for 2011 the box shape appears here and in other places as well. I am attracted to the way it hangs on the model and the oversized sweater look is very appealing.

Lanvin: I picked these coats because they are first of all beautiful aesthetic garments but also because this is a perfect example of moving away from military/sailor style coats that fashion has been drowning in for countless years.

Pringle of Scotland: Hands down my favorite line. From the intricate construction of that inspiring coat the doubles under itself and becomes part of its own collar to the earthy but not cliche colors selected. I am a huge fan of the legwarmers that every model's trousers are tucked into and the beautiful riding pant that some of the models are wearing. Some other things to highlight: THAT FUR TRIMMED COAT! And all of the knit outerwear.

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  1. Just an addendum, I don't know why either but that ginger model for Pringle of Scotland is really handsome.