Friday, December 21, 2012

after breaking up, chicago

A few things that I want you to think about later:  Opera, hostages, revolution, small things, religion, values, culture, connectedness, rivers, life, death, money, love, careless words that make people love you less, moths with their dorsal tufts on all of our hearts, our mothers, and fathers, and the ways in which they live in all of us no matter how hard we might try to say that they don't, war and money, sex, incest, more love, how things change even when we don't want them to, how things stay the same independent of our own efforts, time, non-time, the words, the author, the reader, the experience the reader has, your own self as the reader, the ways in which we fight our fate, the ways in which we take our own life as a statement of our own power over our bodies, the ways we see our own bodies, mourning, morning, magic, faith, faith in magic, balance, judgement, loyalty, sadness, beauty in sadness, names, property, exchange, wealth, youth, even more love, more beauty, less death, more death, behavior, press, elegance, style, poise, moist earth, rain, rain on our faces, really singing in the rain, the music in everything, the silence of the void, being, understanding.  And thinking about all of these things and the ways in which we don't think we have an outlet.

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