Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hello Internet!  I have decided to start this blog anew.  I am by no means entitled to it because I started it with my two friends who currently reside in Chicago.  Elizabeth, Meg you are more than welcome to continue posting as I move forward.

In any case, hand drawn signage has always been a favorite of mine so I am going to try my hand at periodically inserting little message into the blog.  Apart from that, as the title might suggest this blog will be rife with hodgepodge knickknacks and tschotskes including but not limited to: personal style, high fashion (ugh), trends, art, nerding out with Buffy Summers or the Legend of Zelda and insightful yet possibly irrelevant intellectualisms.

In fact this is more for me than you.  I am on my way to becoming an Anthropologist (whatever that means) and this is an interactive way for me to reminisce on my past thought patterns.

Things to come in the near future:

 //why I think Winona Ryder is perfect

 //some lovely buzz boys from the modeling world

 //and well that's just me on instagram signing off and I guess more on me later...

Live long and prosper,

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